Highgate Pre-School

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Highgate Pre-school, Highgate Childrens Centre, Trinity Road, Cleethorpes!

Opening times: 9am to 12noon, 12-12.30 (lunch session) and 12.30 to 3.30pm,  weekdays, during term times.

Catering for 2 year old children in receipt of early education funding.  Places also available for 3-4 year olds in receipt of universal (15 hours)and extended (30hours) funding. More information on funding entitlements is available from Childcare Choices.

Highly qualified staff, high ratios of staff to children (1 adult to 4 children aged 2 years and min. 1 adult to six children aged 3-4 years) and excellent quality of service from a long established, high quality childcare provider.

Initial registration fee required upon admission.

Register your interest – please call 01472 694266 to add your child to our waiting list.

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Highgate Pre-school are registered for a total of 28 children- with a maximum of 16 two year old children- each morning and afternoon session.

Children are welcome to attend from the term following their second birthday until they transfer to another setting or on to school.

We operate a waiting list system – please complete the enquiry form to add your child to our waiting list.

Consideration is also given to siblings who already attend Highgate Pre-school.

The area in the map below highlighted orange is the catchment for a typical year for Highgate Pre-School, but it can be extended beyond these boundaries  where places are available.

Where we are

Fees, lunches & snacks

Currently every child aged 3 and 4 is entitled to 15 hours a week of childcare that is paid for by the government, and become eligible for funding the term after they turn 3  years old. Extended hours childcare (30 hours) is also available where places allow. Additional paid for hours beyond the entitlement are also available upon request, please contact us or speak to the setting manager for more information. Additional sessions and children not yet in receipt of funding will be charged at £19 for 3 and 4 year-olds and £22 for 2-year-olds (3 hour session)

Some 2-year-olds are also eligible for early years education funding, and we are able to admit children from the term after they turn 2 years old.

More information about early years childcare funding and entitlements can be found at Childcare Choices.

We charge a one-off registration fee of £29.50, this entitles you to one free sweatshirt or cardigan and is also charged to cover the welcome packs, administration costs and full access to our Famly software system. Additional uniform can also be purchased via our order form.

Cleethorpes Childcare endeavour to ensure that every child  has a healthy snack in line with our healthy eating policy, therefore we charge £1 per child per session to cover the cost of this.  This fee also supports the cost of consumable resources to allow the children to explore a wide variety of activities such as baking, playdough etc.

More information on fees can be found here.

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