Terms & Conditions

Cleethorpes Childcare Terms and Conditions


The document and the terms and conditions within it govern the basis on which Cleethorpes Childcare (referred to here as ‘we’ / ‘our’ / ‘us’) agree to provide childcare services to parent(s)/guardian(s) (referred to as ‘you’).

Only a parent/guardian with parental responsibility for a child can register that child for a childcare place with us. We will ask to see your child’s birth certificate, or other relevant documentation, to confirm that you have parental responsibility for the child as part of our registration process.

Our details:

Cleethorpes Childcare

Registered Charity Number:   1102007

Registered Company Number: 4899075

Registered Office Address:    Signhills School Site, Hardys Road, Cleethorpes DN35 0DN

Telephone: 01472 694266

Email: info@cleethorpeschildcare.co.uk

Website: www.cleethorpeschildcare.co.uk

Ofsted URN:   RP521751 Cleethorpes Childcare

EY271766 (Signhills pre-school & Hardys Den)

EY487375 (Highgate Pre-school)

Insured by: Royal Sun Alliance   Insurance policy number: RTT209838


Terms and conditions






5.2.1 You have failed to pay your fees;

5.2.2 You have breached any of your obligations under this Agreement and you have not or cannot put right that breach within a reasonable period of time after we have drawn it to your attention;

5.2.3 You behave unacceptably, as we do not tolerate any physical or verbal abuse or threats towards staff or other service users;

5.2.4 We take the decision to close. We will give you as much notice as possible in the event of such a decision.




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