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How families can take part in our childcare settings

Cleethorpes Childcare recognises parents as the first and most important educators of their children.  All staff see themselves as partners with parents in providing care and education for their children. There are many ways parents may contribute to the setting, such as:

Family Engagement
The Early Years Foundation Stage Statutory Guidance 2017 places a strong emphasis on parents and settings working together to share information and skills which will support and enhance children’s development. Cleethorpes Childcare has a positive commitment to meeting this ethos and aims to work with families to engage them in their children’s learning in a variety of formal and informal ways.

Each of our childcare settings ask for registration, background information, and additional information which will help key staff to “get to know” about your child. We particularly like to hear about your child’s achievements at home and invite you to share these in our Famly software or on our “WOW” displays. This could be something such as being able to wash hands by themselves, fastening their coat alone, learning to ride a bike or perhaps when your child gives up their dummy.

We welcome family involvement however, we encourage a more personal engagement with our families as we recognise the benefits this has in helping to meet children’s needs within the setting as well as at home. We ask that parents support our settings in keeping information up-to-date and through attendance at events and activities where we create informal opportunities for information sharing. We recognise that some events may not be accessible for all families and aim to offer a wide variety of times and dates to meet all needs. We also offer individual appointments for parents to discuss information with key staff throughout the year.

Management Committee

Cleethorpes Childcare is run by an elected board of Directors/ Trustees, which ensures that the major decision-making is in the hands of the families who use the group. The directors are responsible for ensuring compliance with charitable status and limited company, reviewing both policy and practice, and for the employment of staff. Our Annual General Meeting, at which the board for the following year is elected, is usually held in the autumn term where all adults are invited and welcomed. Any family member who would like to be more involved in the settings is encouraged to do so and are encouraged to speak to a member of staff or Committee. Similarly, any adult who may be able to share a particular skill or service with Cleethorpes Childcare will be very welcome, please ask!


Positive Relationships

Cleethorpes Childcare supports relationships between families, local communities, agencies and professional organisations. Throughout the lifetime of the organisation, we have become an established childcare provider and reflect our high standards and quality within our provisions. We are committed to placing children at the centre of our focus and work with local partners to safeguard and support children’s progressions. We work closely with our school partners and are the preferred childcare provider for Highgate Children’s Centre.

From time-to time, it may be necessary for Cleethorpes Childcare to obtain advice and support from a wider expertise to support staff and child development. We support relationships with our feeder schools and with other childcare settings through a positive transition programme and hold events and activities throughout the year within the local community which we serve.

Cleethorpes Childcare are proud to be members of the Early Years Alliance as this membership organisation offers up-to-date information, support and advice for committee, staff and families, as well as lobbying government to ensure policy development reflects children’s developing needs within the early years. Local authority partnerships have become established as we participate in networking and consultation groups and seek support and advice on a range of issues such as Inclusion/Special Educational Needs and staff training.

Home-Setting Library (pre-schools)
Each pre-school operates a library service which encourages children to become familiar with, respect and enjoy a wide range of books. When your child starts pre-school they will be given a bag with their name on. At the beginning or end of each session, you and your child will be able to choose a book from our library collection to take home with them. We ask that you ensure the book loan is recorded onto the index cards each time it is changed and that exchange of the book happens when your child is ready to explore something new.

We encourage children to share this book with you for as long as it holds an interest for them. We ask that you support your child by choosing an appropriate time to sit together and by encouraging discussions, which may arise from the pictures and story. We would love to know how this is going and encourage you to tell us through informal discussions or through our Famly messaging software. Sometimes your child may have a particular book that they enjoy and may not want to replace it at their next session, and so that book may be borrowed for a longer period of time and replaced when ready. We will collect all books in at the end of each term to allow us to keep track of repairs and renewals.

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